I turned my health around with low-carb, healthy-fat nutrition, and you can too.

As a Certified Real Meal Revolution Keto Coach, I will support you as you adapt to a ketogenic lifestyle.


Glenda Van Blerk

Has this ever happened to you?

At age 58, I found that I could not control my increasing weight and expanding waistline even though I was exercising in the gym at least four times a week. I attempted to lose weight by following a low glycaemic load food program taught by a well-known British health teacher but with no success.

I discovered low-carb eating

Soon after that I found a local low-carbohydrate plan which a friend had been successful with, and I followed that program for 15 weeks, losing 8 kg, 22 cms overall and 10% body fat as tested by my biokineticist during skin fold tests.

What a revelation! Before this I had never heard of removing carbohydrates from my diet.

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Happy customers talking

Thank you Glenda for your support. You a great couch.


I just had to tell you, I got to my awesome weight this morning! Feels amazing! About a year to lose about 21 kg’s…didn’t weigh myself at the start but I know what my highest weight was a while before that. Thanks for helping me get off the plateau 7 kg’s ago.


Been eating 100% Banting and exercising. Feeling amazing! I wanted to thank you for the HUGE inspiration you are to me. Thank you!!!


As this will be my last one-on-one session with you, I would like to thank you so much for your advice and guidance over the last three months. I would not be here, happily transforming my health, weight and lifestyle without your assistance. I really enjoyed our weekly sessions tremendously and have made copious notes …

Janine, F

All good. Really doing great. Healthy meals. No junk food. Lots of water and sauerkraut and apple cider vinegar. I feel better about myself than I have ever.


The last 12 weeks have been an incredible journey – thanks to you as my coach and the Real Meal Revolution team for all the help and encouragement along the way. The RMR platform has provided all the tools I needed to embrace the LCHF lifestyle and you have been a constant source of information …

Jean J

You’ve helped me so much. I will definitely recommend you to my friends.

Jennifer, H

We have enjoyed our 3 months with Glenda enormously and have succeeded in loosing weight and centimetres!! Glenda has been the most awesome coach and we highly recommend her.

Ken and Penny

Thank you Glenda, I appreciate your time and guidance over the past few months!  Totally did not realise it’s been 3 months; but I’ve loved every step of the way and look forward to forging ahead.


Amazing! Thank you Glenda. You are such a great coach. I am super proud to be in your group.


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